Default Boathouse email templates for Postmark

On the Emails page (after you've connected Postmark) you will see a button called "Add Default Templates in Postmark".

Clicking the button will add any missing templates to your Postmark account. It will not modify any existing templates in case you have customized them. If you do want to reset a template back to the original, simply delete it from your Postmark account and then click the button again.

If no missing templates are detected then no button will be shown.

Template values

Boathouse automatically replaces some values with settings from your portal configuration (in red). Other values (in yellow) are template specific and can be seen on the individual feature pages linked to below next to each template.

The replacements are made using a template model that we pass to Postmark. The default values passed to each email include:

  // These values are from your portal configuratio page
  "ProductName": "Boathouse",
  "CompanyName": "Sol Inventum OÜ",
  "CompanyAddress": "Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, Estonia",
  "ProductUrl": "",
  // Information about the customer from Paddle
  "CustomerID": "ctm_123",
  "Name": null,
  "Email": "",
  "Locale": "en",

  // This is always the current year for the email footer
  "Year": 2023,

  // The default Postmark Layout uses this style of property names, 
  // therefore we pass the same values as above again in this format 
  // in case you are using those instead of our templates.
  "product_name": "Boathouse",
  "company_name": "Sol Inventum OÜ",
  "company_address": "Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, Estonia",
  "product_url": "",

List of Boathouse email templates

AliasUsed for
boathouse-layoutThe base layout for all template emails which displays information about your product and company from the portal configuration page.
boathouse-renewalUsed to send subscription renewal reminders
boathouse-invoice-copyUsed to send the invoice copies to the billing email address
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